Greeting from Center Director

SNU Institute for Research in Finance and Economics(SIRFE)
Center for Health & Finance

Dear All,

This is Sok Chul Hong from SIRFE 

Center for Health & Finance Director. 

SIRFE Center for Health & Finance Director  Sok Chul Hong

The Health Finance Center
  • Center Director : Hong, Sok Chul (SNU Dept. of Economics)
  • To study the socio-economic value of people's health promotion, to research the effective management of medical expenses and medical resources for health promotion in financial aspect (national finance and private finance), and to promote national health promotion, it conducts research necessary for government and private sector’s policy and strategy formulation/development, and strives to develop the technology and research human resources required to build a sustainable healthcare system.
Main research fields
  • Research on social value evaluation of public health promotion
  • Policy research for efficient and sustainable health financing
  • AI-based innovation focusing on health, financial research and research on industrial revitalization plan