Occasional Paper
2009-11-23  Kim, Hong-Bum  A Review of the Post-Crisis Porposals for Reforming Institutional Structure of Financial Supervision
2009-11-23  Lee, Sang Mook  Global Tends in Post-Crisis Financial Reform (In Korean)
2009-11-23  Jun, Sung-In  Towards an Incentive Compatible Financial Supervision System (In Korean)
2009-11-23  Yoon, Suk Heun & Jung, Ji Man  Systemic Risk and Macroprudential Framework (In Korean)
2009-09-07  Un Chan Chung  The American Crisis and Korean Financial Distress
2009-07-29  Joon-Kyung Kim  Global Financial Crisis and the Direction for the Korean Economy (In Korean)
2009-07-20  Jongkyu Lee  Korean Banking Industry: the Recent Trend (In Korean)
2009-07-20  Jongkyu Lee  The U.S. Financial Crisis in 2007-2009: Peculiarities and Policy Implications (In Korean)