Academic Conf.
2019-10-11  Haksoo Ko, Jung Hee Cheon  2019 FinTech Forum  
2019-10-01  Stephen D. Williamson et al.  Monetary Policy Workshop  
2019-05-24  Hwang Hyuncheol et al.  Quants in Wall Street 2  
2019-04-09  Y. Wang, M. Karabarbounis  On the Use of Micro Data in Macroeconomics  
2018-11-27  Soonman, Kwon et al  2018 SIRFE Workshop  
2018-11-13  Jaeyun Kim et al  2018 FinTech Forum  
2018-09-05  Yongsung Chang et al.  2018 SIRFE Macro Workshop  
2018-06-26  Hyunseop Kim et al.  2018 Summer Special Lecture on Finance Ethics  
2018-05-04  Jung-Wook Kim et al.  SIRFE Academic Forum "Blockchain and Virtual currency"  
2018-03-15  Jun, Sung in et al.  2018 SNU Institue for Research in Finance and Economics-Financial Research Center of Korea Conference